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IMPROVE 2021 will be held in conjunction with VEHITS 2021 and CLOSER 2021.
Registration to IMPROVE allows free access to the VEHITS and CLOSER conferences (as a non-speaker).


IMPROVE is a comprehensive conference of academic and technical nature, focused on image processing and computer vision practical applications. It brings together researchers, engineers and practitioners working either in fundamental areas of image processing, developing new methods and techniques, including innovative machine learning approaches, as well as multimedia communications technology and applications of image processing and artificial vision in diverse areas.

Conference Chair

Sebastiano BattiatoMathematic And Informatic, University of Catania, Italy


Francisco ImaiApple Inc., United States
Cosimo DistanteCNR and University of Salento, Italy


Alessandro OrtisUniversity of Catania, Italy

Keynote Speakers

Matthias NiessnerTechnical University of Munich, Germany
Luisa VerdolivaUniversity of Naples Federico II, Italy
Federico TombariGoogle and Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany
Sotirios A. TsaftarisUniversity of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Science and Technology Publications, Lda

All papers presented at the conference venue
will be available at the SCITEPRESS Digital Library
(consult SCITEPRESS Ethics of Publication)

Springer Nature Computer Science

A short list of best papers will be invited
for a post-conference special issue of the
Springer Nature Computer Science Journal

Proceedings will be submitted for evaluation for indexing by: